First / Application of remote sensing and geography information system


A- Environmental, agriculture and archeology sectors

B- Defense and security sectors

C- Modern technology in R.S and GIS



Second/ Geophysical exploration for hydrocarbons and geological applications


A- Geophysical applications in natural resources exploration

B- Stratigraphy and sedimentology

C- Structural geology and geomorphology

D- Geo – archeology and geo heritage



Third/ Medical physics and its application


A- Sound waves techniques in medicine

B-Laser in medicine

C-Diagnosis and radiotherapy



Fourth/ Biomedical application


A-Microbiology and immunology

B-Genetics and molecular biology

C-Physiology and histology



Fifth/ Application of renewable energy


A-solar energy

B-wind energy




Sixth/ Environment, impact of pollution and climate change


A-environmental pollution

B-Impact of climate change on natural resources

C-Advanced environmental remediation



Seventh/ Nanotechnology and advanced materials


A-Synthesis of nano materials and nano structures

B-Development in nanotechnology

C-Nano devices , nano sensors and solar cells

D-Nano biotechnology and nano medicine

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